What does it mean to value your time?


We have all heard the saying that ‘time is precious’, but what does it look like when the ideology is manifested in one’s reality? The majority of people know the obvious forms of time management. Going to bed at a reasonable hour so that they can wake up early for work; planning their days in their diaries or their heads so that it is extra productive, and planning activities and events in advance for memorable and stress-free experiences.

Following the basic principles is great, as they will determine, to a certain extent, a successful and joyful life.

However, can you imagine the control and command you would have over your life if you, near literally, did not let a minute go to waste? Of course, you have to be realistic and allow for a certain degree of spontaneity. Nevertheless, with more effective time management than is standard, you can ensure that each area of your life is nurtured, and, you will allow yourself to get within better reach of true fulfilment and balance.

Valuing your time in the workplace could look like keeping your phone switched off, so that you can fully focus. It looks like listening to, and fully taking on board, feedback, rather than letting your mind wander. Looking at what appears to be setbacks or failures, from an outside eye, as a learning experience, a moment that facilitated growth. It can look like using your reflections to propel you into making more informed, aware, steps, instead of moping and dwelling on the negatives.

In relationships it could mean not staying in, nor tolerating, situations in which you are being disrespected, unappreciated or that do not help you to grow. If you are single, valuing your time could mean being thoughtful in your approach to finding a partner. Having enough self-awareness to assess if another person would be a good fit for your values, personality and lifestyle. As many people know, early signs of incompatibility could lead to conflict later down the line.

In terms of your health, it could mean maintaining discipline in your fitness and your diet. Making it a priority to go running, dancing or maybe spinning, week-in and week-out. Dedication to packing a healthy lunch the night before, time and time again.

And what is the end product of sustaining awareness towards each area of your life? The equivalent in success, surely. While you do not need to plan your life down to the T, it is good to know that, usually, in making conscientious choices, you can truly steer, take the reigns, of your life. 

Taking ownership of, and making the most of, your time, then, seems to be what it means to value it.

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Motivational blog


Starting a motivational blog has been one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made. Largely, it involved following my intuition. 

You know that thing you’ve always thought you’d be good at? You know, that thing tucked right at the back of your mind, and never fully faced, because you didn’t believe you could do it. Well, isn’t it about time that you dusted off the cobwebs and brought it to light? 

Following your passion 

Perhaps you recognise yourself as being a realist, and don’t consider following your passion as a viable career path. Perhaps you prefer the idea of taking more of a practical route. A route that guarantees security. In many ways I see myself as one of these people. It doesn’t reflect who I am. It’s more a reflection of what I believe. That if I’m going to be successful, then I’m going to have to take the conventional route, the route society has guided me to take. At University, I studied a subject I have always loved, English Literature. Though who is to say I couldn’t have become just as educated on this from independent learning? 

There’s no doubt that, with the many deadlines and challenging assessment criteria, my written communication skills have been enhanced significantly. Although I’m a big advocate for education, I cannot say that I can completely justify a system that demands 40k for a course that merely helps you get your foot on the ladder. The way my 18-year-old self saw it, was that if I was going to study anything at University, it had to be something my heart was in. 

If it wasn’t a labour of love, then it wasn’t worth it. 

Staying focused 

So, my degree was just that, a labour of love, and I had no issues with staying focused. Of course, staying focused is integral throughout your career. Whether this is in performing a role to the best of your ability or in finishing a project. You need to be mentally strong to reach your targets and your goals. It is also integral that you are conscientious about the things you’re spending your energy on. Don’t get so concerned about making a living, that you forget to create a life. Don’t lose sight of the personal, meaningful desires and projects you have in mind. 

Blogs about motivation 

Many people have begun blogs about lifestyle o pursue a means through which they can express their innermost thoughts. 

Don’t feel inhibited to pursue the big passions in your life. 

If you are thinking about starting a motivational blog, you can rest assured it’ll bring excitement and opportunity into your life. 

If the position you’re in is draining you of your emotional and spiritual strength, look for another. Your health (and your time), is your wealth. If you’re not spending it on something that is supporting it, nor bringing meaning into your life, then it isn’t worth it. 


Motivational speaking

Speaking Life Pexels

So, I have finally started a blog and, like so many individuals that practice motivational speaking, this is something I have always wanted to do. I stopped myself before due to varying commitments. University had been a big one of these, and I’m sure that many other bloggers will resonate with this. So far, I have had various highs and lows in my life. Other than reaching out to loved ones for support, to fill myself up, it is internet testimonies that have sustained me at my weakest moments. 

Motivational articles 

Motivational articles are one of many types of motivation that have helped get me through trials. Words. words are so powerful. Starting this blog is the perfect way to speak the truths and words of encouragement you need during difficult times. There are many types of motivation out there, motivational music, videos and documentaries included. Though it is motivational articles that have given me most peace and reassurance. 

Best motivational speakers 

The best motivational speakers I have come across have been individuals that lifted my spirits when I needed it most. A few notable speakers among these include Oprah Winfrey. Just one part of her many speeches that have inspired me include: 

‘You will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal. There really is only one, and that is this: To fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being. You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself up, your family, and the people around you.’ 

Have you ever heard the quote along the lines of, “Be the person you needed when you were younger”? I feel like this is the person I need to be, through this blog. I’m not going to, (and neither should you), underestimate the impact words can have, and the lives words can touch. I hope my blog enriches your life in some way. I hope it encourages you to become the person you were meant to be.