Why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of home comforts.

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When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

~ Alexander De Heijer

It’s crazy how much your surroundings, and home comforts, can influence you. According to the University of Minnesota, they have the power to affect your social interactions, behaviour and mood. Yeah. I most definitely feel as though I’ve developed a great awareness of this. Having spent so much of my time working from home as a University student, it has become increasingly clear how much my settings impact my quality of work.

Second year was the worst. Our house had issues with damp; had poor insulation and so, was freezing during the winter and, on top of this, our landlord was reluctant to resolve these problems (or promised to resolve them, but never did).

Thankfully, I’m no longer faced, at present, with a shoddy student house that is “maintained” by a careless landlord. I’m not dreading having to wrap myself in blankets and clutch a hot water bottle as I write my articles (or what had been essays). What I’m preoccupied with at the moment, is my surroundings on more of an aesthetic level.

Productivity at home.

The layout of your desk, the lighting in your room, the scent of your room, the rooms colour palette and the organisation of your space, all impacts your productivity levels.

Since, at the moment, I am occupying rented accommodation, I can’t do too much about the rooms dull beige colour. Nevertheless, I’ve developed a new obsession. Flowers.

The latest addition to my desk includes an array of lilies, roses and a potted plant which, yes, give me that extra ounce of motivation to finish that job application, write that email or finish that blog post. Self-love comes in the form of doing little things like this for myself to get me through the day. Other home comforts I can’t get enough of include numerous cups of green tea, a hot water bottle (in the winter obviously), fluffy socks, oversized jumpers and leggings…What are your favourite home comforts? Please share, if you think it’s an idea that add some light to someone else’s work day.


Following your intuition: Starting a business UK


Been thinking lately about starting a business in UK? Well, you know that thing you’ve always thought you’d be good at? You know, that thing tucked right at the back of your mind, and never fully faced, because you never truly believed that you could do it. Well, isn’t it about time that you dusted off the cobwebs and brought it to light?

Perhaps you recognise yourself as being a realist, aka, someone that dislikes frittering away their energy on childish fantasies and ideas and prefers taking more of a practical route. A route that guarantees security. In many ways I see myself as one of these people. Though it doesn’t necessarily reflect who I am. I would say it has been more of a reflection of what I believe. That if I’m going to be successful, then I’m going to have to take the conventional route, the route that society as a mass guides me to take. I went to University and studied a subject that I have always loved, English Literature, though who is to say that I couldn’t have become just as educated in this subject from independent learning?

There’s no doubt that, with the many deadlines and challenging assessment criteria, my written communication skills have been enhanced significantly, though, weren’t my written skills already competent enough, having achieved an A grade in A level English Literature? Although I’m a big advocate for education, I cannot say that I can completely justify a system that demands you spend 40k on a course, just to get your foot on the ladder. The way my 18 year-old self saw it, was that if I was going to study anything at University, it had to be something my heart was in.

If it wasn’t a labour of love, then it wasn’t worth it.

So, my degree was just that, a labour of love, and I have no regrets whatsoever. However, if there’s one thing that I could change, was the steps I took straight out of University. Still running on adrenalin from the rush of third year, I launched myself into the first role I was offered.

Effective decision-making in your career.

Effective decision-making is integral throughout your career. Whether this is in accepting a new position, coming up with a business idea or making an investment, you need to be clued-up before taking the leap.

Oh the 9-5.

There’s nothing wrong with it. But find yourself a workplace that will respect and care for your well-being, and that’s not solely concerned with squeezing you like a lemon. You want to be challenged, but not to the point where it drains you of all your energy which you could be spending on other things, including your hobbies and personal ambitions.

Thinking of starting a business from home?

Thinking of starting a business from home, or pursuing a role that aligns with your passions? Find yourself a role where you can exercise your skills, but not to the point that it makes you feel inhibited to pursue the big passions in your life.

Trust your gut.

If the position you’re in is draining you of your emotional and spiritual strength, look for another. Your health (and your time), is your wealth, and if you’re not spending it on something that is supporting it, nor bringing meaning into your life, then it isn’t worth it.

The importance of motivational speakers.

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So, I have finally started a proper blog and, like so many of the motivational speakers I admire, this is something that I have wanted to do in years. I had stopped myself before due to varying commitments. University had been a big one of these, and I’m sure that many of you out there will feel my pain and resonate with this. Thus far, I have had various highs and lows in my life and other than reaching out to close loved ones for support and guidance, to fill myself up it has been my internal monologue, and rather interestingly, internet testimonies that has sustained me at my weakest points.

Noticed the impact that inspirational speeches can have?

Inspirational speeches have helped get me through some of the toughest trials in my life. Words. words are so powerful, which is why I am willing myself to start this blog and speak truths and words of encouragement that I so wanted and needed to hear during these trials in my life.

Joining other lifestyle bloggers UK

Elated to be joining other lifestyle bloggers in UK in raising my voice on the topics that are truly important. Have you ever heard the quote along the lines of, “Be the person you needed when you were younger”? Well, I feel like that is the vision I have for this blog, and I’m not going to, (and neither should you, if you are thinking of starting your own blog) underestimate the impact that words can have, and the lives that words can touch. I hope that your experience of this blog will serve to enrich some facet of your life in some way, and help you to become, to be, the person you were meant to be.