Why you need to be an optimist regardless of your life situation.

Happy woman

Perhaps this seems like quite an oversubscribed piece of advice.

We’re all told by friends and family to “be positive” when the pessimism sets in when times get tough. It’s not as simple as that, we think to ourselves. Adopting a new mind-set is not going to remove me from these physical circumstances. Because it’s true, in certain ways.

We can change the way we perceive a situation. Maybe a better attitude will even help us to become more motivated to identify more solutions to change our situation. But it can’t be denied that, in life, we can find ourselves in a position that renders us powerless.

Say, for instance, you lose your job, have to move out of your flat, and move back in with your parents. Or you find out that you have an illness that’s incurable.

You can wake up at 7 am every morning, write dozens of job applications each day and reach out to hundreds of hiring managers, but does that mean you’re guaranteed to land the sort of role you want within a couple of months? Not at all. And maybe you can take a certain medication that will subdue the illness’ side effects, pursue activities and goals that will distract you from the illness, or surround yourself with people that will uplift and support you, but do any of those things actually make the illness disappear? Nope.

Positivity will help you to take actions that’ll place you in better stead for improving or changing your circumstances, but it can’t promise to deliver.

But in spite of this, in spite of the fact that it does not always have the capacity to immediately transform your physical situation, you need to realise the trans-formative spiritual and psychological role that optimism can play in your life.

On a spiritual level, the determination, joy and peace that will emanate from you in the midst of your endeavours will have more of an influential capacity than you’d expect. Your decision to keep going regardless of the challenges and obstacles that you’re facing will not only strengthen your faith, but inspire others to adopt a similar outlook. Have you heard the bible verse, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”? In the biblical context, it means to trust in God and the plans that he has for us, to trust the process, and not be disheartened by any temporal, physical, life situation.

It takes a great deal of spiritual strength to sustain a blinkered perspective that disregards the physical reality, and looks to the light. And it’s always refreshing to meet others that view the world this way. They tend to be the kind of person that lights up a room. That dances in the rain. In a sea of negativity and gloom, they form a raft of hope.

In a psychological sense, the feeling of empowerment that you’ll receive as a result of your continual optimism, your intrinsic decision to never give up, will strengthen the faith you have in yourself, your self-confidence, and your self-esteem. Moreover, you’ll develop mental grit, mental toughness. Invaluable in a world that just loves to throw us hurdles to clear and mountains to climb in every direction.

So, before resorting to throwing in the towel, taking your head out of the game, or refusing to join in with the rat race, know that your choice to be optimistic is a choice that you’re making regardless of the end destination. A positive outcome, as a consequence of your positive thinking, is obviously desirable, but, in the meantime, you’re doing it for the sense of morale it will bring to others, as well as yourself. Never forget that.

Do you remember a time when your optimism got you through a situation, or, uplifted and encouraged others along the way? Tell me about your experience by commenting below!


How to be productive

Home comfortsss Pexels.jpeg

Want to know how to be productive? It’s crazy how much your surroundings, and home comforts, can influence you. According to the University of Minnesota, they have the power to affect your social interactions, behaviour and mood. Yeah. I most definitely feel as though I’ve developed a great awareness of this. Having spent so much of my time working from home as a University student, it has become increasingly clear how much settings impact productivity.

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

~ Alexander De Heijer

Second year was the worst. Our house had issues with damp; had poor insulation and so, was freezing during the winter and, on top of this, our landlord was reluctant to resolve these problems (or promised to resolve them, but never did).

Thankfully, I’m no longer faced, at present, with a shoddy student house that is “maintained” by a careless landlord. I’m not dreading having to wrap myself in blankets and clutch a hot water bottle as I write my articles (or what had been essays). What I’m preoccupied with at the moment, is my surroundings on more of an aesthetic level.

Productivity at home.

The layout of your desk, the lighting in your room, the scent of your room, the rooms colour palette and the organisation of your space, all impacts your productivity levels.

Since, at the moment, I am occupying rented accommodation, I can’t do too much about the rooms dull beige colour. Nevertheless, I’ve developed a new obsession. Flowers.

The latest addition to my desk includes an array of lilies, roses and a potted plant which, yes, give me that extra ounce of motivation to finish that job application, write that email or finish that blog post. Self-love comes in the form of doing little things like this for myself to get me through the day. Other home comforts I can’t get enough of include numerous cups of green tea, a hot water bottle (in the winter obviously), fluffy socks, oversized jumpers and leggings…What are your favourite home comforts? Please share, if you think it’s an idea that add some light to someone else’s work day.