4 Benefits Of Being Open Minded


Every individual that comes into this world comes to develop a set of self-limiting beliefs, so I want to remind you of 4 benefits of being open minded. 

With every passing year, we gain an understanding of the things we are, and are not capable of. 

Some of these beliefs offer us protection. We know we cannot fly, so we avoid standing too close to the edge of a cliff. We know that if we walk onto a busy road, we’ll probably get hit by a car. We also know that if we put our hand onto a hot stove, we’ll burn ourselves.

Nevertheless, there are so many beliefs we develop that become problematic when our instinctive desire for safety and security cause limiting ideologies. All our lives, whether conscious of it or not, we have been fed limited views as to how we can expect our futures to appear: the jobs available to us, the opportunities within our reach and our financial potential. However, it cannot be denied, that in the 21st century, this rigidity of culture has been subverted. No longer is our earning potential dictated by the qualifications we’ve obtained, our family connections or our age. In the age of the internet, there are a multitude of opportunities, pathways and connections available to us at the touch of our fingertips, if we’d only be brave enough to reach for them. Just a few of the benefits to being open minded include:

Being vulnerable

There is a certain irony in the fact that being vulnerable is one of the bravest things we can do. Opening ourselves up, and vigorously pursuing goals and ambitions in such a way that leaves us open to pain, rejection and humiliation, is the only way in which we can empower and inspire ourselves, our friends and the people around us. As the cliché saying goes, there is both danger and excitement in the idea that what can break you can also make you. 

In our work lives, relationships and friendships, we all have the tendency to stay in our comfort zones, to be okay with being just okay. But the thing with comfort zones is that nothing ever grows there. While many refrain from envisioning realities, lifestyles and relationships different to that which we are confined to, it is only in doing this we can become all we were meant to be. Give ourselves all that we deserve. Though adopting a growth mindset comes with growing pains, it is the only way we may lead a truly fulfilling life. 

Accepting change

Accepting change is something we struggle with, particularly when the change was unwanted or unexpected. Though when we are open minded, surrender to circumstances outside of our control become so much easier. No longer do we perceive changes as threatening, but as an inevitable part of life, forcing us to grow, evolve and strengthen in beneficial ways.

Letting go of control

Letting go of control is another product of open-mindedness that enables us to flourish. It is an act of self-love and self-compassion when we no longer hold restrictive and limiting expectations of ourselves that lead to feelings of guilt, insecurity and frustration when they are not met. In aspiring to live loving, wholesome lives, regardless of our circumstances and idealistic culture, real peace and contentment can be found.

Growth in confidence

A growth in confidence is also something we can achieve from not placing confining expectations on ourselves and the people around us. No longer is our self worth and confidence dictated by the score we get on a test, our success in our careers or the validation of our friends, as we can forgive ourselves for past mistakes, personal weaknesses and future mishaps.

Can you think of another benefit to being open-minded? Comment any other benefits below.



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