How to stay motivated after university


Filling yourself up

Learning how to stay motivated after university was a process. I would say I ended university on a high. I was left exhausted from perhaps the most strenuous year of my life, but nevertheless, innately, I was on cloud 9. I had reached my goal after three long years of slaving away at my desk. I’d made it.

Starting over

The last thing that I was expecting was the withdrawal symptoms that I would face from moving back home and starting over, away from all of my closest and dearest friends.

What you forget when you first get immersed into university life, is the power that community gives you. I remember how ridiculously excited I was when I first started university, and how keen I was to get involved in as many fresher’s events as I could. It was the friendships that I began, that I started making from these early days that really helped to sustain me. That got me through the toughest parts of the academic years. Even if I wasn’t going out much during deadline season, just knowing that people I cared about were all around me, were in the same boat, was enough to push me through.

What’s problematic about life post-university, what’s truly heart-breaking (which no one is talking about), is that your closely-knit network, that holds you accountable, that helps motivate you, is dispersed. I guess you could say it’s like having lovingly built a life for yourself, only for it to be swiftly and brutally tugged from beneath your feet. If you’ve recently graduated, then know that you’re not alone, and that it’s completely natural to feel this way. I’ve been there, and, if I’m honest, it has been over a year now since I finished University and I’m still missing the sense of community it comes with.

Looking forward

But it’s okay, you have to keep looking forward.

A part of moving on, moving forward with your life, involves acknowledging and accepting the way you feel. Trying to block those feelings out won’t work. Face any sadness that you have inside you and come to peace with it. With time, you’re gonna get your groove back.

So. Your social circle has rapidly dwindled, but do you know what’s so great about this? You’re left with the good ones.

That’s right, the ones that actually, that truly care about you.

This has happened to me and, right now, my heart feels full.

Invest in your close friendships and value their loyalty. They will do far more for you than the 100+ acquaintances that you had at uni.


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